Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tips For Shopping At Second Hand Stores

I love finding a good deal at Goodwill! I don't really like the fact that they seem to be raising their prices on their clothes. Their prices are almost to the point where you can find just a good of a deal or maybe a dollar more for brand new clothes.

Normally I don't do a whole lot of shopping there for my boys clothes. I go to Once Upon A Child where I find Amazing deals on clothes!

Saying all of that, you can pick all kinds of reasons why you don't like shopping at second hand store, but you can normally always find a good deal there!

I'm wanting to make my kitchen and living room more rustic/primitive style. I've been keeping an eye out for old tin cans. I just haven't found any I really like until today!

And anyone that knows me, knows that I prefer squared things over circled things. I feel like they look more attractive and I can organize them better. I don't know, I just like squared things! :-)

I also found brand new vacuum bags in my vacuums size! The package hadn't even been opened. I was super excited!

Tin can: .99¢
Vacuum bags: $1.29

I do not always get this lucky! Last time I was in there it was just literally a bunch of junk. 

Just because you shop at second hand stores does not mean you have to get whatever is the cheapest or a bunch of knick-knacks. 

 That is what makes homes, I think, look so messy. And then people get overwhelmed with all the mismatched items. 

Go back once or twice a week to find something if you're able too. 

When you pick something off the shelf or rack, have a plan in mind of what you would wear it with or where you would have this setting in your home that goes with your other decor. 

Make sure it works before you buy it or see what their return policy is. Some things are worth waiting on to buy brand new when they go on sale. 

The only time I buy jeans for my boys at second hand stores is if their priced good and not worn out. And thats hardly ever. 

At Once Upon A Child I feel like their jeans are  ridiculously priced. 10 or 12 bucks when I can buy them on sale at Crazy8 or Children's Place for $8.00. 

You've just got to ask yourself if its worth the price.  

I hope these tips help you out in some way! 

Happy Shopping!! :-)

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  1. We're fortunate that while prices at our Goodwills keep going up on pretty much everything else, they have consistently kept kids clothes at $2. So if I can happen to find decent jeans in the right size, it is a fantastic deal! :-)
    But I'm with you, on so much else, when I can get it new for roughly the same price, I totally prefer that.

    1. Ours has for the most part stayed the same. The only problem being we live in a small town so not to many options. Every once in awhile I'll find pretty good finds in kids clothes! 😊