Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Opening Myself Up

When I decided to start my blog, there were so many things going through my mind. I had started a blog several years ago and different discouraging situations came up and things were said so I just completely let go of everything. I didn't feel like the drama.

I was expecting our second little one and our oldest was in therapy and my husband was a youth pastor at the time. I got cussed out by a family member that thought I was speaking to them in my blog. (They weren't even in my mind when I was writing it) And then another article I wrote I was told that I did it wrong and I needed to watch what I said. I got done and discouraged really quick.

So about 3 weeks or so ago I set down with my husband and we talked about everything that was on my mind. I told him what I wanted to start and asked him if he was okay with it and if he would support me in it. I knew I was opening myself up to criticism again. I feel though now that everything that my husband and I have gone through has helped me get a thicker skin.

One of the questions he asked me was,"What are you going to do when people tell you what your doing isn't good or cuss you out again?" I told him in so many words that I would let them know that its my life, its a dream of mine and they can take their ideas else where. His words,"Honey, I'm so proud of you for finally sticking up for yourself."

That made my heart so happy! So here I am opening myself up to others and letting them willingly come into my life! Its a scary thought, but I'm very excited about the future!!

Have a wonderful evening!

The DIY Mom Blog,

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