Saturday, January 9, 2016

Home Organizing Challenge: Week 1 - Kitchen

It's here and it's time to start!

One thing I do recommend is to get your morning routine finished before you start in. If you do not have one, here is mine:
  1. Devotions
  2. Put away dishes in sink/dishwasher
  3. Sweep/mop kitchen floors
  4. Start laundry (I do a load a day to keep up)
  5. Make all beds
  6. Take a shower/dressed

Here we go!!

The Details
   Week #1 Check List

1. Clean out and organize all cabinets
2. Clean out and organize all drawers
3. Purge everything that is not used, expired, doesn't belong, collecting dust
4. Clean out & organize the refrigerator and freezer
5. Mop, wipe down cabinet doors, clean counter tops and tables
6. Take everything off the refrigerator door. It makes it look messy
7. Clean all appliances

The Process

1. Clear off the kitchen table. This is your dumping grounds.
2. Empty all cabinets & drawers. Place ALL items into "categories" on the table.
3. Wipe down the cabinet doors, shelves & drawers. Add a new liner if needed.
4. Discard (trash) old, expired and no longer used items and food. Check the date.
5. Place all items that are able to fit, into baskets.
6. Place everything back into cabinets and drawers. (In categories)
7. Take everything off the counters and place on to the table.
8. Wipe down the counters and back splash.
9. Wipe down ALL small appliances and large ones too!
10. Put back items you use on a daily basis, onto the counter top.
11. Mop the floors and wipe down the tables and chairs.
12. Empty the fridge/freezer. Wipe out. Put back in an organized manner.
13. Clean and organize under the kitchen sink.

Tip: Keep all clutter off the counters at all times. If you take it out, put it away! 

Don't move ahead until you are completely finished! 

Side note: I do not have my fridge completely cleaned off. I have a white board, list notebook and a magnet my son made this past summer in VBS. I try to keep it minimal though.

Here is the link to her blog if you want the printable work sheet:

I will be posting updates as I go here and mostly on my Facebook page: The DIY Blog Mom

Good luck!

The DIY Mom Blog,

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