Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Truth about House Cleaning

Can I just be down right honest with you guys??


(shocked face)

I know, it's true. I am not a natural house cleaning person.

There will be some days that if you stop by my house there will be some dishes in the sink. A load of laundry on the chair. Toys all over the living room floor. You get the picture. :-)

Even though my house gets messy and sometimes laundry piles up, I still try to keep it clean and messes at bay. And I try my best to keep things organized.

When my husband volunteers to do the dishes because he sees how hard I worked during the day or he tells me different times how good it feels to come home to a clean house. That makes it worth it!

Things won't be perfect. Ever. As long as you have children or pets in the house, your house will not be perfect.

I hear women all the time tell me how upset they get because when they are doing the laundry or cleaning whatever room, that their kids are destroying the toy room or living room.

Learn this now. Life is going to happen. Things are going to get messy. Give yourself room to breath and realize the amazing reality that you were able to have children or to have a pet in the home! Not everyone is as lucky as you! But most importantly, remember that you are doing an amazing job!! Let people think what they think! You're amazing! 

Remember why your doing what your doing. You're not doing it for others. You're doing it for your self and for your family.

It's hard to remember that in the craziness of life, but try anyhow! :-)

When you're having a hard time getting motivated (even on sunny days) try to find something to motivate you! Join a organizing Facebook group, read a book about cleaning house or watch hoarders! Something to get you going!

And remember that you're not alone! :)

Have a well rested and relaxed evening tonight!

The DIY Mom Blog,

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