Thursday, January 14, 2016

Falling In Love With Your Spouse Again

If every one of us were to be honest about our marriage we would say we have all had hard times to over come. No marriage is perfect. No matter what Facebook says. No matter what Pinterest says. No matter what Hollywood says. 

We can all tell by the fact that how many marriages did we see dissolve before the year 2015 ended in Hollywood?! When we see a relationship status change on Facebook. When we see memes posted on Pinterest about how husbands could do a better job being faithful or good to their spouse and a comment is added saying,"I need to tag my boyfriend/husband in this!!"

I've been told many times that I have the perfect life and I have no right to talk about hard times. When in reality that is not even close to the truth! My husband and I have disagreements. My children drive me crazy some days. Me and my sisters have disagreements in the way we do things. Me and my brother-in-laws have disagreements about how I/we should do something. I have a normal life! Things happen to me that isn't fun! But I have chosen not to share them with the world on social media. 

I understand that what I post on social media may look like I do have a perfect life, but I don't! When has it become okay in our society to put down our spouse down on social media? When has it become the norm to post hints and tag them in a status to "tell/show" them that what their doing is wrong?

What happened to good 'ole communication? Have we become a society so stuck in social media that our marriages are falling apart so fast because we miss what their truly feeling because our nose in stuck in front of a electronic?? 

I have caught myself many times with my nose stuck to the screen of my phone checking social media while my husband is trying to hold a conversation with me. And he gets very annoyed with me. And I with him if I was in his situation! 

One of the things my husband and I decided to do was to try our best to become as close to each other no matter what the world thought about us and what we did. So I went out and bought "The Love Dare". It came from the makers of the movie Fireproof. It's an amazing book for married couples going through hard times. It will definitely help if you want something to help. 

Another thing to do is find your song. We never really had our song until sometime last year. One of my favorite Christian singers, JJ Heller, posted "Meant To Be" in a video on Facebook after they wrote it. As soon as I heard it I shared it almost immediately with Justin! I ran into our bedroom and said,"Honey! Honey! I finally found our song!!" He replied,"You know, I think it is babe." Ever since, when I'm feeling a little blue or upset over something I play this song. It for sure lifts my spirits! 😘

Find something fun to do together! My husband and I don't get to go out a lot, but when we do we try to give it our best shot to have fun together! We love to go laser tagging, put put golf and go carting! We enjoy each other's presence and we leave our phone on silent. (Every once in a while check it to see if we got a text about the boys. 😉) 

Most of all, pray for your spouse. This will make the biggest impact of them all. A few months ago I really started buckling down and praying for my husband. And it has helped in so many ways. Not only did he change in areas but I changed in areas. And also ask God to show you ways to love your spouse. I just found a area 2 weeks ago. He has become even more softer towards me. Not that he wasn't anyhow, but when you find your mans Love Language, it changes a lot of things! 😉

Whatever you do, try your dead level best not to give up on your marriage when everyone  else AND the world tells you it's ok and they push you to give up! You can make it! I promise if you give it your best and with God on your side, He WILL help you!

I pray God blesses each of your homes!

The DIY Mom Blog,

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