Monday, March 7, 2016

Being A Unrealistic Mom In A World Of Unrealistic Expectations

You see the headlines of should a mom be a SAHM or a working mom. The argument of weather you should breast feed or not. If you should give your child a spanking or give him time out. Should you do essential oils or should you take doctor only prescription. Having a house that is completely and perfectly organized or a house that is lived in and it shows. Going to church on Sundays or spending it as a family day. Should you buy all nice clothes at consignment shops or by clothes brand new. Your child needs to go to preschool or you need to homeschool your child.

You get what I mean. It can drive someone batty thinking about it all. We live in a time when everyone gives their opinion and most don't care if they hurt your feelings or not. Their way is right and "you need to look deeper within yourself to figure out how to do it right".

Here's my thoughts on all of the topics above.

If you can be a mom and work outside the home or you even have to work outside the home that is your prerogative. If you want to stay at home full time with your children or even if you don't have children yet, that's okay also!

If you want to nurse your child, you go right ahead! If you can't nurse your child or even choose not to nurse your child, that is okay also!

If you feel like spanking your child is the affective tool to use (I DID not say abuse!) then you do it with a loving heart. If you feel like putting your child's nose in the corner  is the most affective way to make them realize their bad behavior then do it!

If you feel essential oils work for you best then use them! If you feel like what the doctor prescribes works best for you then use them!

If you feel like a organized and neat home is what works for your family best, then organize till  your heart is content! If you tend to have a lived in home and people know it when they come over and that's what floats your family's boat, then keep floating it! (And no, I'm not giving people the excuse to have a dirty home. A "lived in home" does not mean a "dirty home".)

This one I'm more stricter on then I would dare say most people are, but I was raised a PK(Preachers Kid) and now I'm a preachers wife (which I thoroughly enjoy!) so I'm a bit stronger on this issue. Sunday is a day of rest and recharging. And I think you can get that recharging by going to church and worshiping the Savior who has saved us when we couldn't save ourselves! If you're down and out your home church is where you should get "that lift".

If buying newer clothes is what suits your family then by brand new clothes. If you can't get enough of consignment sales, then keep on a consigning!

If sending your child to a school is what works best for your family then send them to school! If you prefer homeschooling then homeschool!

You will find that I'm a pretty open minded person. I do have a certain way that I do all the things I mentioned above. But I won't write you off if you do it differently then me! What bothers me more then anything is when I overhear someone speaking with another person and their telling them that "this is how we do it" or "we give them this or do this" and the person their telling say."No! That is wrong! I would never do it that way or I would never go there!" That attitude drives me crazy! Lol. :)

You know what? It's okay if someone views something differently then you! Especially if they feel clear in it! Could you imagine what kind of world we would live in if we all thought and did everything alike?! It would be one boring world!!

So instead of going with what is pushed down our throat every day by the media and politicians, figure things out for yourself and don't let them teach you how to treat others when you disagree with them. If you do then what you come across like to everyone is what you think about politicians or media personality when their rude to others when they are in a disagreement.  Just think about that for a good while!:)

But one thing I highly recommend is to pray about it! If you feel clear in what you're doing then it shouldn't matter what people say. Weather they mean it nice or come across rude to you.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that you can figure out how to navigate this crazy world we live in wisely!

Keep your chin up and remember to always shine for Jesus!

XO! Mindy

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